Sweet As Can Be

Can you imagine anything sweeter than Hello Kitty?

What about a Hello kitty cafe!?

With cookies, hot chocolate, birthday cake, and yes, even Hello Kitty water(!)


For all of you that knows me, you know that this pretty much describes my childhood fantasy!

So when I heard about the Hello Kitty cafe in Irvine California, you can bet your butt I happily took the one hour drive out there to be a part of this adorable creation.

And oh man did I sin like there was no tomorrow. Honestly, I cant remember the last time I had that much sugar in one sitting!


But honestly, it was all worth it!

And if you ever find yourself in the Irvine area, you HAVE TO stop by just to take a look at the hello kitty madness.

If you are in Norway though, Irvine might be a log trip so you can now watch my video from the visit on:


Enjoy 😀