Halloween Part(y) #1

So October came and went, and of course Halloween was a big part of it.

The first big Halloween party of 2016 was the for Maxim Magazine hosted by Karma International!

I was conflicted per usual on what to wear. I think I changed my mind a hundred times before I finally found some inspo online that I wanted to try out…

..and that is how I ended up with what I am calling my “Roman Warrior Princess”-costume.


In all honesty I just wanted do bade in Gold and glitter and still be badass.


So that is what I ended up with.



The party itself was just okay. I have been to a few Maxim parties, this might have been the my least favorite, and it was just because the venue was very unorganized so it was kind of impossible to get around in there.


Anyway, I was with my best friends so it didn’t really matter, because we had a blast anyway.




Also, we ended up in the LAWeekly the next day, so that was a nice bonus.


..And that was only the beginning of our
Halloween celebration!