Halloween Part(y) #2

“On the second day of Halloween my baby gave to me”…no wait, that’s not how that song goes!

Anyway, our second weekend of the Halloween extravaganza we celebrated in true American college style.

House party, red cups, keg stands, complaining neighbors, awesome people!


This was without a doubt the costume I spent most time on..and without really being anything. Mostly because that darn makeup took a long time!


I call it my ” Cat crossing street after nine lives”


…what a daredevil

And I need to give a HUGE shoutout to my best friend and roomie Mia for her insane makeup and most epic costume at this party!

She went as a freaking shark!!!


And she did this makeup herself you guys!

Hands down the best Halloween costume I saw this year!

And also cudos to snapchat (hey, hola at me: @ineback) for the crazy Halloween filters!

They had me taking selfies for hours after I got home just to look at in the morning and freak myself out!