Halloween Part(y) #3

And by far my favorite Halloween celebration!

This one was of course on the real Halloween night, the 31th and it was well spent on the Santa Monica blvd with thousands and thousands of others in the big Hollywood Halloween Parade!

It gets crazier and crazier every year!

I simply love it.

For this one, I had actually put some work into the whole costume thing.

If I tell you I went as one of the most female sold costumes this year can you guess what it was?

You are probably right, it was of course Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad!


And I got to tell you, being Harley for a day was freaking awesome!


Witty, childish and completely bonkers!


Me and three other girls got our costumes from Warner Brothers Home Entertainment and was basically standing in one place and got photographed.


I’m not even kidding, we couldn’t move!

People was actually in line to take pictures with us, and not just a short line either.

Some people waited for a long as time, just to take a picture in the middle of four Harley Quinn’s!

That’s credit!

I don’t blame them though, it is not every day you can be surrounded by four crazy girls with colored hair and short mini shorts..unless you live in Hollywood…oh and bats and guns..so maybe not so much Hollywood after all.

But that was my Halloween!

Literally crazy fun!

If you are in Norway please check out my profile on MTV Play and get the exclusive videos and see everything that went down in Hollywood for the Halloween celebration.

Just click here, or on the photo below.