aside Visionary Theory


I am so lucky to know so many creative and talented people who every day wakes up and pushes themselves in what can be the most challenging industry in the most difficult city to break through in.

But I believe in every single one of them  and have no doubt in my mind that they will make it big.

One of these talented people is my good friend Robin, and not long ago she started a business called “Visionary Theory”.

Visionary Theory is a group of insanely talented photographers, editors, designers, make up artists and creative directors who everyday puts their mind and visions into real life.

Imagine meeting up with a group of friends every day, discuss some cool ideas you have for a photo shoot or a video, put it down on paper, find the right models/actors and then go to work!

It is truly inspiring watching these guys work.

Here is a few snapshots from behind the scenes of our first shoot.

This whole concept was Robins idea. She wanted a high contrast shoot between light and dark, hard and soft, badass vs angelic.

All the finished edits will of course be up here on my website shortly! 😀



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