Here’s To The New

My dear readers,

Happy New Year!!

My goodness I cant believe it has been so long since I posted last and we now are over two weeks into the new year already!

I had to put the website a little bit on hold for the last weeks, because I honestly have been trying to figure out what it is I want to keep doing with it and how it can potentially be a website you guys can check out daily where you can find content that will actually be interesting, inspiring and well, entertaining to read.

So while I was trying to figure that out, I started thinking of the things that I like to see, what inspires me and keeps me entertained. What is my interests?

Well it is a lot but for starters;

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Entertainment such as movies, TV-shows, music etc
  • Travel
  • Old Hollywood history and movie stars
  • Everything spiritual
  • interior design and houses
  • Food, food and more food!
  • Fitness
  • Photography and editorials

And as I was scrolling through my blog, I saw that these interests have been pretty well represented on my site, so I had to tell myself that: “hey, these are already things you write about and you still have a pretty good following of readers even when you haven’t been posting anything for almost a month”


I guess what I realized is that I first of all have to thank you all for stopping by every single day, and that I from now on just have to be better and updating the website.

I don’t necessarily have to change anything, just improve and be more consistent! And even though I decided to not have any new years resolutions this yer, that might just be one that I am putting on my list!

So here’s to a New Year, new opportunities, and not to a new website, but a better one with regular updates, more pictures and more content!