Miami Highlights

I never got to post all the amazing photos from Florida.

So I figured I’d dedicate this post to the wonderful adventure I got to be a part of.

Like I said in the previous posts, I got to join Mia on her trip to Miami for her new job.

She is there with a Spanish dance group called “Gore Performance” and let me tell you, this was so much fun. I was there to document her two first weeks and make segments for MTV Play about her new journey as well as tips and traveling advise for Miami.

I had such an amazing time!

Miami is truly a city made to keep you entertained!

High end clubs, amazing restaurants with some of the best seafood I have ever had (And I’m from Norway!), flashy cars, tropical beaches, city views out of another world, shopping on shopping on shopping on shopping!

Keep a budget, because this city might just make you poor haha. Two weeks was definitely enough for me, but it was so fun to be able to experience this with my best friend and my favorite part: Even I got to try on the amazing dance costumes and pretend to be a Rio dancer like the other gorgeous girls!

If you are in Norway, you can see all my Miami segments here:

But if you are not in Norway, this is for you guys!

The Miami Highlights: