Feeling Shady? MTV got you!

There are three things I really love in life:

There is my mother,

An then there is shoes, because for a shorty like me, heels can get you to the top of the cabinet where the cookie jar is..

and sunglasses.. because they are always there for me…

Sunshine in your eyes? put some shades on!

Feeling cool and fly? put some shades on!

Hungover…? Put some freaking shades one!

And I was beyond excited when we in MTV Norway got this amazing collaboration with  Marshall Eyewear because they seriously have the coolest sunglasses ever!

Right now I am all for the “Go big or go home” style and I’m obsessed with the Grace sunglasses, they are so freaking cool!

And guess what! If you use the code MTV30 right now you get 30% off!

So get shady at marshalleyewear.com