The curse of Social Media

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February, thank you for the memories. For new flavors and beating hearts. Thank you for colder mornings that made me appreciate a cozy blanket, hot coffee and a burning fireplace in a whole new way.

Thank you for all the magical moments you brought, but March is knocking on our doors and we have officially entered the third month of 2018.

And all I can say is that I am aiming for a highly productive month, to stay happy, stay healthy, do better, be better and lastly but probably most importantly kick myself a little bit harder to get that drive up and running again.

For those who have been following me for a while, you might have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet from me lately and Not a lot of activity on any of my social media platforms, and I’m going to be honest and say that I truly needed to take a little break, take a step back and look at where I really want to go with it. And I think that can be important to do sometimes. Especially when it comes to social media and how fast it has all developed and become such a big part of our life’s.

We invite a whole world to come into our life’s and show them and feed them with everything from what we wear, how we live, who we are with, even down to what we eat, and even though it feels close and personal, it isn’t really that way is it?

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No matter what and how much we share it is always an edited version of our life that we choose to show. It has gone through several filters before it is published, and I don’t mean snapchat filters, color correcting, pretty frames and airbrushed skin. No I mean the filter we go through in our mind before posting.   Is this a “happy go lucky” moment, a highlight or success story?

We post things considering what’s popular, what we think others want to see, and in that lays the problem where we paint untruthful picture of what our life is like and who we are, and it might not even be close to the truth. It is not our life, it is a life we think others want to see. And in that it is easy to lose track of the real life you have and forget that the person you really are, might already be waaay more interesting than the person you think others want to see.

I kind of had that happen to me to where I was like:

Why am I posting these pictures and counting these likes?

What does this do for the people around me?

Am I helping anyone? inspiring anyone?

Is this helping me? does it do anything for my future self, my career and is it helping me move closer to my actual dreams and goals?

And I had a hard time answering because I realized I had no intentions with it. There was no reasons behind it. And seeing how much time I spent on it, it felt like a waste of time when there was no real drive and meaning behind it.

So I took a break, sat down and wrote a list of the things I am interested in, things I love that I can share with excitement and enthusiasm that hopefully can inspire others too. I wrote down things that makes me who I am and what about those things can help and motivate others. I wrote a list of intentions for everything I do, what do I want with this, what do I want to stand for?

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And I have got to say, that little break have changed my focus and I feel that I now at least have a vision for what I want with this social media universe and how I am going to do it my way and tell my story from my point of view.  Because truth is I can’t tell it no other way.

I want to share my passion, and the things I enjoy in life. Travel, fashion, entertainment, health and fitness, things I know I can share and write about and actually enjoy talking about.  I think the more honest I am and the more excitement I have about it, the more people will also enjoy seeing and reading it. Because there is a passion and meaning behind it.

One of my favorite quotes that I live by is: If you don’t like the path you are walking then change directions.

So that’s what I have decided to do.

Lastly I just want to say. If you, like me, feel or have felt that pressure of social media. The feeling of losing your essence and falling behind in life. Where it have changed your mood and maybe even how you feel. Don’t be afraid to walk away, maybe just for a little while. Don’t ever let stuff like that effect your life to the point where it doesn’t feel good. Take a break, get back to yourself and remember the things that makes you unique.

Remind yourself about the things you want to do with your life, how you will get there and how to make your journey fun. And then go do that. Because that’s the only thing that really matters.

I am excited to start this new month with a new attitude and recharged batteries.

Stepping off a muddy road and stepping on to a new path, and I would love for you to follow along with me.

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