A little Tuesday Poetry

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With shame in her eyes she looked at her mother and with a broken voice she slowly said:

“Please forgive me dear mother, for what will there be of me? I am just one small person in this world, and what can ever become of something so little?”

A hand on her shoulder and a kiss gently follows, for a mother have answers for everything sore:

My love, you may be one, but you are not so little.

Look outside and see as one raindrop fall into the pond.

Flick a match and see a spark, a little burning flame.

Feel a snowflake on your nose.

Brush your feet and from it falls a tiny grain of sand.

Small and little they may seem but baby you must see,

The raindrop made an endless ocean, it can kill your thirst.

The spark created a burning fire, it will keep you warm.

The snowflake made a blanket and covered a whole world, now you can walk on water.

The grain of sand once kissed both the sky and the ocean as it made both beaches long and mountains tall, it will carry you wherever you will go.

  Without the little one there is just noting,

and nothing big would ever be,

without the little one.”