Simple steps to happiness

Happiness, something we all strive for. Something we all want. Something we search for in everything we see and do.

Every day we wake up and work towards one thing (besides the basic instincts to survive) to be happy.

Some people find it in material things, some people find it in their loved ones. Some find it in travel and exploring the world. No matter what or where it is we all desperately want to find it and make it last. It is almost a pressure behind it all,  to be and look happy. especially in this day and age where our life is spread out on the internet and social media for every one to see. See how “happy” you are, how good your life is.

And when you find it, the things that makes you happy, there is a whole new pressure. How to I keep it this way? How can I make it stay?

Well let me tell you something. You have to remember that it starts with YOU! Your happiness is not determined by someone else, and it is not found in things, or money or the things other people say should make you happy. It starts within you. What YOU can do for YOURSELF to make you feel good.

As long as you are the main source of that happiness, you can’t lose is. Because no matter what, there is one thing in life that you can’t lose, and that is you.

I mean, you are forced to live with yourself for the rest of your life, so you might as well just start loving the hell out of yourself!

Do the tings in life that really and truly brings you joy, and ask yourself, what makes me smile and make a list of it, Because I am sure that on that list there will be a lot of those small little things that we often take for granted.

Like making someone smile, smell your favorite perfume, workout or fresh flower on the living room table.

2018-04-30 12:34:06.425

That is somewhere I find happiness, and it might sound silly, but it is true. Seeing beautiful flowers on my table every day when I come home, puts a smile on my face no matter how bad my day might have been. And I have made a point of being very aware of this so that I tell myself every time before opening that door that the first thing I will see is something that will make me smile, and instantly it makes my day better. Its such a small thing, but even such a little reminder can be so important for you to just switch your mindset from negative to positive.

Lets face it, no one is happy all the time, and all of us will go through day where everything feel like s**t. Work is stressful, bills are piling up, family members are nagging, you had a fight with your partner or friends, you got a parking ticket, you don’t feel good about the way you look, there is no more nutella, I dont know, whatever it is, we all have those days. And chances are that when we have those moments we have completly forgotten to take care of ourself and your mind starts running all over the place with negative thoughts and mean comments to yourself and suddenly you find yourself in head first in a bucket of ice cream or in a fetal position on the couch (it’s not just me right?) But what if you managed to stop your one mindprosses before it turns in to a stomacache and swollen eyes? If you actually stop and say to yourself

  • Hey there now “trash-talking, slef-hating, jumping-on-the-negativity-express-train”-brain, I’mma stop you right there like Kanye stopped Taylor Swifts acceptance speech, because we have been here before and I don’t like your attitude so mama-ME is going to put you in a timeout and do something for herself that makes her feel good..mmmmkay!?

(I mean you don’t have to say excatly those words but I find that if I give my negative thoughts a little smacktalk,and check myself, it usually does the trick 😉 )

Go to your list “Things that makes me smile”, and see what small little things you can do for yourself to make yourself feel a little better. Put your favorite song on super loud and sing your heart out, take a bath and shut your phone off, zone out, catch up on your favorite show. Find at least a couple of things to “treat yourself” with so that you make yourself feel better, because no matter how many times your negative mind will tell you “you don’t deserve that”, say F you, I do deserve this! Because you do. You deserve to be happy, not because there is a pressure to look happy all the time, but because you are such a unique being with such a limited time in this world, and you don’t even know how much power you have over your own happiness. It literally belongs to you, so create it, take it, own it. it is yours.

To sum that up:

  • Small things and treats is impotent reminders  that can make a huge difference and give big rewards.

When you can give yourself those small things, just for you, and that becomes a part of your every day life.

Happiness does not have to be so difficult!

Just remember that you are doing it for yourself, and only you have the answers to what truly makes you happy. So start with the little stuff, and enjoy the beauty of creating your own happiness.

2018-04-30 12:35:30.630

With that being said, Happy Friday to you all, enjoy the weekend, and do something that makes you smile.