My Favorite Things #1

So I decided to make a new category here on my blog.

My Favorite Things.

Ant it will be a recurring post where I talk about just that, my favorite things.

And it will be everything from clothes I wear, products I use,  places I like to go, decorations, a type of style, music or even books and quotes that are meaningful to me.

This first post, of my favorite things, is dedicated to my favorite pair of jeans.

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oh yes you heard me, because I am sure we all have them, and we have all been through the struggle of finding that perfect pair of denim.

Either they are too small and you have to spend half an hour crawling on the floor like a fish on land, while huffing and puffing so hard you start seeing stars and of course breaking two fingernails during that last “squeeze, flex and pull”-move.

Or too big, where every time you sit down or bed over you have to do that awkward – reach “back there” and pull them jeans as high up your “you know what” as can to avoid that the whole restaurant gets blinded by the reflection of the place where the sun don’t shine.

Way too many times I’ve spent a whole day just dreaming of that moment when I walk in that door at home, close it behind me and unbutton those pants, and scream: I am free, I can finally breath again! (if it sounds a little “Too much” , remember I am an actress currently without a contract and I’ll use every chance I get to make it a theatrical, over the top dramatic moment)

No, all we want is that one pair of jeans that is like made for you. The one that fits just right over the peach, just tight enough to snatch that waist, lays perfectly over that awkward bone on the ankles and that feels so good that even you can look yourself in the mirror and  go “damn, maybe those squats are paying off after all”

It took me YEARS to find the perfect fit, and I found them at no other place than good old Zara! who would have thought?

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It was thanks to my good friend Frida that I found them, who also happen to love them, (see, totally normal to have a favorite pair.)

They have the perfect high waist, comes in a large variety of sizes and have just the perfect amount of stretch and snatch.

I already bought like five pairs because I am NOT living without them again! we are married now, my denim pants and I.  It is a very loving relationship.

And that is why the first post in the category My Favorite Things is dedicated to a pair of jeans.

Because finding them have been harder than it was for  Marlin to find Nemo.

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