The Best Type Of Therapy

What is the best way to recharge, reduce stress and anxiety for tomorrow?

For some people it’s meditation, exercise or maybe even therapy, for me though it is being out in nature, and more specifically the forest or at a farm on the countryside. With gardens of veggies, herbs and animals running free.  And it is not so strange, because that’s the way a grew up, and when I spend time in places like that, I feel safe. I feel grounded. It is kind of where I find myself again if I have been overworked, stressed out or just in a bad mood.

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After spending a day outside in nature, I feel back to normal again, recharged and filled with new energy. It is where I realize that the reason why I am feeling low is probably because I am overthinking and simply complicating things that really isn’t in my power to even control. How unnecessary it is to waste so much time worrying and  making things hard for yourself when in reality, all you have to do is be yourself, find things you like to do and do it the best way you can, everything else will come naturally, and what will be will be, and what won’t, well it probably was not meant to be anyway.

I always realize when I am outdoors in the forest, the growing force of nature is fierce. There might be cold winters, wild fires or heavy rain, but flowers will bloom anyway. The trees will grow, the grass will show and turn the fields green again. Always. Not immediately  but definitely.

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When you live in the big city, places like that can be hard to find but luckily this is California, and that means no matter where you are, you are always just a road trip away from mother nature.

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One of my favorite spots is Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. Hidden away between the canyons is a little cafe called Malibu Cafe, with beautiful outdoor seating, chandeliers hanging from the trees, open fireplaces, paddle boats, yard games, BBQ and delicious treats.

They say it best themselves on the website:

With their roots planted firmly in the cowboy lifestyle, illustrating the rugged brand of living off the land, Grant and Helen Walter Gerson created what is today known as Calamigos Ranch.

…We are proud to honor our ancestors and introduce you to a few of the many things that make California timeless.

The ranch is now a super popular place to have your wedding with several venues available and cabins that can be rented out for your guests to stay surrounded by mother nature, growing grapevines and gardens filled with fresh mint, basil and oregano.

So when the city life becomes overwhelming, a day here, will recharge my batteries and take me right back to the right state of mind.

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