Superbowl 50


On the big day, the game day, the Superbowl 50, we started off by walking around in the city and checking out the craziness before it all went down.

There was so many people out in the streets, and every sports bar was full of “happy go lucky people”.

If you ever get the chance to be in the city when the Superbowl goes down, you should really embrace it. It is so much fun! That’s the thing with big sports events like the Superbowl, everyone sort of gets together for one gigantic party.

It is an experience you wont forget.


We went to Chinatown to grab some food.

And let me tell you, go to Chinatown if you are ever in San Fran.

Its such an adorable piece of the city.


After that we went to a screening party to actually see the big game before we headed back home to the city of Angels.

a little bit more tired than when we left.


Thank you San Fran, Thank you Superbowl, we had a blast!