The Yeezy Collection

Kanye West is doing it all, it seems like.

Music, producing, reproducing and of course the fashion.


His collection for Adidas (The Yeezy collection) got a lot of mixed reactions when it first came out, but with a name like Kanye, the best PR and marketing team in the world, and a big bunch of celebrity friends, we knew we all would end up wanting it at the end of the day.


You get your celebrity friends to be the first in the world to rock your clothes, your wife who broke the internet and your wife’s sisters who are on front of magazines and fashion blogs every day, and boom, everybody wants a bite of it.

The latest obsession from the collection came when Kylie went to the airport with her Tyga (You know, the not boyfriend, boyfriend)

And they were photographed with matching Yeezy sneakers.


Yeezy boost 350 is not available for us “regular” people yet but will be soon enough.

I am totally a Nike freak, but I like the look of them.

What do you think?


Now, from Kanye’s collection, we have already seen his wife, her sisters, Tyga, The Game, Big Sean, Justin Bieber and Yeezy himself of course, rocking some of the looks

But I picked out some of my favorite from the catwalk.

The style was different, with earthy colors mostly brown, military green, grey and black.

A lot of oversized items, which has been fashionable for a while now.

I like a lot of the sweaters, and I was so fascinated about how they pulled socks and stockings over the shoes to create the look of boots. I honestly fount that very creative. Not sure if you could pull that off out in the real world, but it looked really interesting on the catwalk.


So, all in all, I think Kanye’s collection is going to do really well, especially seeing how the fashion worlds biggest advertisement is the celebrities, and Kanye sure knows a few of them, not to forget he might just be one of the biggest ones himself.

(Photos: Splash news, instagram, adidas)