How A Smile Changed My Day

Ever realized how one smile can change your whole day?

I noticed this on the plane th other day, I was on my way home to LA, my flight was delayed, my bag was way to heavy, shoulders hurting and tired, oh so tired.

I was definitely acting up like one of them outrages teenagers that walks around pissed of on everyone and everything.

I sat my ass down at the gate, not knowing how much longer we would have to wait, struggling to keep my eyes up.

Then, from across the room I see a face smiling at me. And not that “What a fool”-smile that makes you go “What the heck are you smiling for!?”, no this was an honest,“I appreciate your presence in this world”-smile, that “I feel you sister, I am tired and my shoulder is hurting too”-smile, that “Life is funny, the things we go through, all we can do is smile and appreciate another day of living”-smile.

His smile was pure and honest. It made me smile right back. Made me think, “What on earth are you complaining about. You are living, traveling, healthy enough to carry your own bags. Made memories that kept you up all night, so you are tired today. why wouldn’t you smile.”

And just like that, I realized how one smile can change a whole day, a whole situation, a way of thinking.