The official Playboy SB party

Like I mentioned in the previous post we went to San Fran for Superbowl where we attended the official SB part hosted by Playboy.

Skjermbilde 2016-02-09 kl. 11.11.27

They had a gigantic arena right next to the stadium. Two bars and a backyard filled with food trucks with free food from all over the world.

Skjermbilde 2016-02-09 kl. 11.14.44

There was DJ’s on every stage, photo stands, playboy bunnies and plenty of celebrities.



The party was sponsored by Effen Vodka, which is owned by no other then 50 cent himself.

And of course he stopped by to say hello.


Turns out he was having a show in town the same night, and with a personal invite, who can say no?


So that’s where the night ended..